Photos of Pooltiel House Skye

The galleries below give an impression of Pooltiel House. There are photos of the inside, outside, and finally the surrounding terrain. Pooltiel House is in Lower Milovaig, Glendale, on the West coast of the Isle of Skye.

Pooltiel House is very much part of its surroundings and in fact gives easy access to the landscape. No need therefore to travel far once you have arrived. Just walk up the driveway, go through the gate and turn right. It will take a 45 minute hike to get up on the hills of the Glendale estate and to bring you literally to the end of Skye. And on the high cliffs you will easily find a spot to sit down. From there you can also enjoy a breathtaking view over the vast waters of The Minch and towards the Western Isles. There will probably be ships passing by. You can look south towards Neist Point and in fact see the lighthouse. And maybe you can spot a whale or even an orca. It’s also a good location to look out for them.

The people at WALKHIGHLANDS have more attractive routes for you, including trips for this part of North West Skye, that are close by. You will find more pictures of Skye under the Skye Photos tab above and on our FACEBOOK page.  The background picture for this site is Dunvegan Head, a beautiful cliff on the other side of the loch that is prominent in the view from Pooltiel House, Glendale. It’s one of the highest cliffs on Skye. (Sea)eagles are reported to be nesting there. Furthermore, depending on the weather and the time of year, there may be impressive waterfalls coming down the cliff edge.

Enjoy your stay.



Glendale area